“A company should be an umbrella for talented people to pursue their passion.”

- Mike Anderson, Founder

Who We Are

The man that started Antech Systems, Inc. (ASI) in 1990, Mike Anderson, believed that a company should be an umbrella for talented people to pursue their passions. Decades later this belief is still the driving force behind the company. Our goal is to create a work culture that inspires people to accomplish great things and to develop incredible products and solutions for our customers. To that end, the company motto is “Family, Fun, Profit.

Family means encouraging people to always put their family first. In difficult times, employees can focus on the most important thing – their family and their personal well-being and not stress about their work for the company.

Fun means your work should be more than just a job. We want people to be passionate and excited about what they do, and enjoy the people they work with on both a personal and professional level.

Profit is obvious, but we believe that if we care about our employees as people, support their professional & personal needs, have fun, and we are all committed to doing great work, profit is a natural extension of that culture.

By following this motto, ASI has grown from two people working in a room over a garage to a corporation with three divisions that supports 140+ employees and their families. We are headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia with satellite offices in Washington DC, Maryland, and Philadelphia.

Our Team

It takes all kinds of talent to make the magic happen.








Business Admin


Antech Systems, Inc. is owned and operated by a team that has worked together for decades. With backgrounds in technology, software development, engineering, design, marketing, and communications, their talents have combined to build a solid, stable company that has twice been named one of the "Best Places to Work in Hampton Roads," winning 1st place in the 2016 competition.

Vince Martinez - CEO

Vincent Martinez

Chief Executive Officer


Amy Earle - VP eLearning Services

Amy Earle

Vice President
eLearning Services


Frank Cooney - VP Business Services

Frank Cooney

Vice President
Business Services


David Cooper - VP Consulting Services

David Cooper

Vice President
Consulting Services


Tony Rose - Director of User Experience

Tony Rose

Director of User Experience


Tina Watson - Director of Communications

Tina Watson

Director of Communications



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